Animals have been strong symbols for centuries now and can be found on a variety of famous logos. I saw the opportunity in these symbols of famous animal-based logos in chinese lunar new year greeting card related to an animal sign, known as The Chinese Zodiac, is based on a twelve year cycle. These animal signs are the mouse, cow, tiger, bunny, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig in which the famous animals interact with each year of lunar calendar.

"Tastes like Heaven, Burns like Hell" Kazan idea was inspired by Kirin (Japanese Dragon) with fireball. A mysterious object resembling a ball of fire has been spotted in the sky over western Japan.

The logo of Asian Garden is simply the name of the restaurant written in a gentle, neat handwriting. The color brown and green are commonly used in vegetarian logo design because it implies both the earth and vegetables, both of which are obviously relevant to the field of vegetarian eating. The 'A' is drawn to be a grass which clearly relates to the vegetables involved.

This quarter advertising is using asian tree of Prunus Mume branches as connected to all over the world when especially promote Oska and New York lines. The flower common called Chinese plum and Japanese apricot also symbolized China Airines logo.

Jusgo supermarket provides three types of shopping card to reward thier customers. "Strawberry" is targeted to youngster student; "Orange" is present common vitamin for business field; "Brocolli" known as important fiber sourse for senior people.

The hair dresser advocates a precise haircut is an art of Geometry. From the analyzation of hairline, hairflow, hair texture to face outline.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau promotes this heavenly place called "Alishan" one of the Taiwanese aborigine tribes, Tsou, went hunting and accidently found it. Alishan is famous for its rich natural species, spectacular sunrise view, and dazzling ocean clouds.