An eye-catching combination of rough (cardboard textured) and refined into the urban style with bright, contemporary looks, its creates a just-right look for a line of all-natural organic dried fruits in gusset bag.

Kunchio brand peanut and cocnut cookies, these well-baked cookies boast a light and crispy texture achieved by Malaysia traditional recipe.

These are lower amounts of saturated fats, and higher levels of unsaturated (preferably monounsaturated) packaging design for a natural healthy brand. These Canada product has olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil, corn oil, canola oil, soy oil.

Bottle label design for One leaf Pinot Grigio wine and fuits in syrup.

Stand up freezer pouch packaging design for frozen foods.

Soy sauce is a condiment widely used in Asian cuisine. YHY Soy Sauce Factory was established 100 years ago in Hong Kong. The company refresh the look of bottle label design into new generation market without loosing traditional product background.